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For the last three decades, he has been one of the most popular country music singers.  With 39 albums recorded, his success has grown through generations that have found inspiration in his music and lyrics and have known George Strait as The King of Country.

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    George Harvey Strait was born in Texas in 1952. As many teenagers do, he joined a rock and roll garage band, but soon his musical preference started to turn to country as he attended to live performances that were very common everywhere in Texas.


    In 1971, Strait got married and enlisted in the army where he served until 1975 in Hawaii as a part of the 25th infantry division and where he also had the chance to perform with and Army-sponsored band.


    After being honorably discharged from the Army, he went to college to study agriculture and joined a country band that soon started to perform in south and central Texas even after finishing the college years. George Strait concerts were doing good but not great; Strait and the band starting to become popular, but only in a very local level, so he (who now had a family to support) was a cowboy during the day and a performer during the night.


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    But the night job was not that bad, because one of the managers of the bars where he played with the band convinced some of the VIPs of the music industry to come to Texas and listen to George Strait performance. Of course, these people were impressed and he was signed to a recording contract with MCA Records in 1981.


    Since the spring of 1981 when his debut album Strait Country and his debut single Unwound were released, George Strait has become one of the most successful music performers, not only in country, but of all times.


    He has sold more than 70 million albums in the United States, which makes him the 12th best-selling album-recording artist. In his 30 years of recording, he has garnered 60 No.1 songs on all country charts and also has the record of having more No.1 hits than any other artist of any genre.


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    As you can see, George Strait has been able to remain as the King of Country not only because of his selling records but also because of his sensitive and traditional style that brought country music back to its roots.   


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    By: Maricarmen Vela